Wedding car

Wedding car

Wedding Day Movie Service.

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I have been producing Wedding videos for brides and their families in Scotland and beyond for many years.
I am a former Senior Television News cameraman who worked
alongside Michael Buerk and many others. You will have seen the much televised interview clip with

Prince Charles and Diana on the banks of the River Dee at Balmoral: I am proud to say
I filmed that event.I now live in Braemar, Aberdeenshire

Welcome to My website,

I have a huge experience of filming any type of situation. The Wedding movies are not a
business but a continuation of making delightful movies (DVDs) of families very special days!
Typical coverage of the big day is from the moment the guests
arrive, all the events and activities and continuing late into the
evening. Also included is a sequence of “Vox Pops” of guests giving
Goodwill messages.


All the video production is on a DVD and comes in a presentation box with
appropriate pictures.
Very Reasonable cost which includes local travel
The average running time of a DVD is 2 hours and its delivery is
normally 3 weeks after wedding day.

Points to Note:

1· Single camera for unobtrusive filming

2· Dress code: I will look like an invited family guest.

3· “Still” photographers like working with me— Good friendly relations

4· Many couples remark that they never see me filming, I am discreet

5· I do a number of “Vox Pops” These are short little video interviews with some of your guests, hopefully saying nice things about you and wishing you well.